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How to Get Classes ?

  • Register your self on website or WhatsApp your details if you connect with us on whatsapp.
  • Join our social media plat from like Telegram, Facebook, Instagram & Others for getting updates .
  • Apply accordingly your profile.
  • If available, then provide you classes.
  • No time limit over here, because we have no any plans.

Do That & Don’t Do That

  • First of all, register on the website and then WhatsApp us if you want to stay connected with us or want to subscribe to the class.
  • Apply on the same class as your best 2 subjects, because we are trying to provide the best teacher to the parent.
  • Whatever class is updated, read it carefully, if all the requirements are fulfilled, then only apply
  • All requirements like – fee, timing, distance (offline) & all.
  • If you have applied for a class, then we give priority such as distance, qualification, experience. Then you are contacted.
  • Keep patience, if you are eligible for any class or you are in accordance with the parent’s requirement, then you will definitely be contacted.
  • We are you, we have full faith in you. You should also keep trust.
  • Whatever details are asked from you, send the complete details to us in the same format, even if 1 is missed then your registration will not be done. All information is important, for you as well as for us.
  • You will have to join our social media platform for the information of all the classes because we update the details of the classes here. If you do not, class information will not be available.
  • In which your best 2 subjects are not mentioned class, then do not apply on them because applying more can make your profile week.
  • When we have a class, we update it on the social media platform. So don’t ask about any new classes.
  • Follow whichever class is given to you because if 1 class is canceled by you then it has a negative effect and in the next classes your priority and profile will have a direct impact.
  • Respond according your profile, whatever class you do, you are 100% sure that you can do it well and you fulfill all the requirements.

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